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Evening Batch (15th Sep) Timing: 5:00 pm

Morning Batch (10th Oct) Timing: 11:00 am


Daily 2 Hour Classes
Daily half an Hour Answer Writing Session.
Focus On Previous year Question of UPSC & State PCS.
Weekly Extempore Session on Social Issues.


Vikash Ranjan Sir is the Specialist teacher of Sociology with vast experience in Teaching and Writing Books of Sociology. His scientific, Systematic, Applied & Exam Focused Approach has helped many students get selected in Civil Services. Students will LEARN SOCIOLOGY & PRACTICE ANSWER-WRITING under the careful guidance of the well-experienced teacher.


Vikash Sir will deliver lectures on respective topics to develop clarity in Concepts, Theories & Social Facts. There will be Explanation & DISCUSSION of Topics. NO DICTATION. We consider that dictating the content to students in the classroom is simply wastage of time. Students will be provided with study Materials in advance for discussion in the Class. During class, STUDENTS CAN ASK QUESTIONS to get their confusion cleared. We motivate students to think over relevant questions in the classroom.


Study support from Triumph IAS & Personal Mentorship of Vikash Sir will be provided to Students till final Selection . A student can consult Vikash Ranjan Sir even after completion of their course. Can seek an appointment at the institute or contact via phone & Whatsapp #8586861046.


All Classroom Students will be entitled for our All India Sociology Test Series (Mains) at Concessional Fee.


Interactive & Applied teaching with Exam Focused Approach which inculcates Sociological Sense and Competency from Day one.
Beginning with Basics, Equal Focus on Fundamentals & Applied Sociology.
Answer Writing starts from Day One through Regular Assignments & Tests.
Four Months of Classroom Sessions, Basic to Fundamentals-Theoretical Discussion, Concept Building & Answer writing with focus on Learning, Application & Performance.
Regular Personal Doubt Clearance and Feedback Sessions by Vikash Ranjan Sir.
Special Guidance Session for “Essay & General Study”.

Printed Booklets of Concise, Well Researched, Exam Ready Study Material for Every Unit of the Syllabus.
Every Booklet figures Mind Maps-Flow Charts and Block Diagrams.
Booklet on Contemporary Society, & Sociology Extract from Journals & All leading Newspapers.
Booklet of Previous 23 Years Question Papers.


IN COMPARISON TO OTHER HUMANITIES SUBJECTS like Geography, Public Administration, Political Science etc., SOCIOLOGY has been SAFE & SECURE optional because of SHORTEST SYLLABUS & LIMITED NUMBER OF THINKERS & THEORIES (Only six thinkers & six major theoretical strands). Subject like Geography, Public Administration, Political Science etc. are specialist in nature with big syllabic content.
History, Geography, Political Science, Pub. Admin. etc. HELPS in a particular paper of GENERAL STUDIES. For example History helps in G.S. Paper-I, Political Science and Pub. Admin. helps in Paper-II, Economics helps in Paper-III, Philosophy and Psychology helps in Paper-IV. SOCIOLOGY is the only optional which empowers you for all the Papers of G.S. with small but variable syllabic content and understanding of static and dynamic & concepts and facts.
Sociology is the Best performing optional, also because of higher Predictability In Question Pattern. Seventy percent of the question repeated from previous year questions.
Relatively Short Syllabus, Predictability in Question Pattern, Makes SOCIOLOGY the most suitable subject for Students with science (Engineering and Medicine) and Commerce Background.
Every Year there are atleast two to three ESSAYS are related with Sociology Syllabus. Sociology Empowers aspirants for Interview too.


In past few years the NATURE OF QUESTIONS in Sociology has become MORE CONTEMPORARY AND CURRENT ORIENTED. Now there is a shift from bookish academic approach to ANALYTICAL and APPLIED one. Questions in the last four demand in-depth understanding of basics and interlinking it with current happenings and analytical, applied Explanations.
þ Proper guidance and assistance is required to learn the skill of interlinking current happenings with the conventional topics. VIKASH RANJAN SIR at TRIUMPH IAS guides students according to the recent trends of UPSC. He begin the Civil Services Optional Subject with basics keeping in mind the understanding level of students, who have no academic background with the subject. Once the students are well conversant with the terms and terminologies and basics of the subject they move forward.
While dealing with each topic of Sociology he not only interlinks it with CONTEMPORARY & CURRENT ISSUE but also teach you how to intertwine both the optional papers (Paper I and II).
Extracted from different text books, website, journals, etc. Vikash Ranjan’s STUDY MATERIAL is the best for SOCIOLOGY OPTIONAL PAPERS. The study material not only save students’ precious time which they spent in searching for books but also provide updated reports, recent structural-institutional changes and developments reported in newspapers and journals, which are useful to answer unconventional questions and helps in scoring good marks in Main examination. This saves students’ time and helps in revising the same study material ten times rather than going for ten books once.
At Triumph IAS, with Applied classes and the best study material Regular Assignments and Class Tests are also conducted to assess candidates’ writing skill and understanding of subject. And based on student’s performance individual feedback is provided to improve their writing skills.


Get access to BLOG, an Interactive Online Forum for Value Addition Study Material, Journals and Articles relevant to Sociology on
Ask preparation related queries directly to the Mentor via mail or WhatsApp.
Access to Recorded Classes for Revision.
Procedure for Online class:
Account for online classes will be activated within 36 hours of of enrolment.
Enrolled students will be provided a Login id and a Password to access their Account on the website.
Class Videos will be provided to enrolled students in their account by 24hrs after conduct of offline class.
Class videos will be available in students account till mains exam.
In Case of Sharing of Account Id and Password with friends and peers, Students Account will be disabled forever.
Study material will be dispatched after the commencement of course.

In Case of any issue related to Course Content/Material Dispatch/Test/Assignment Call: 7840888102 or

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For One on One Doubt Clearance, Students will have to write a mail to Vikash Ranjan Sir, on with Name, Admission Reference number and Batch.

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