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Nov 27, 2018

By Toppers

Amit Chandra Sunal – IRS , Rank 341 (CSE – 2017)
Considering the time constraint one have while in the Job/Service as well as otherwise, it needs a smart strategy and the art of practicing answer writing for the Mains in the limited time frame. With this in Mind I joined the Chrome IAS test Series for CSE 2017 for Prelims as well as Mains under the guidance of Shri Mridul Purohit Sir, the Director of Chrome IAS Academy and Ravika Jain Ma’am. I have no hesitation in saying that I found it very helpful as I could prioritize on value addition as well as the presentation of answers with the enough content that I had , which is the case with most of the aspirants , where in they have lot of content but what they lack is the presentation of the content. The challenge in Mains is to think and articulate answers in a very limited response time in the examination hall with the vast pool of knowledge one already has.

Chrome IAS test series served this purpose very well with the critical evaluation of answer sheets and feedback. Interview guidance tips were also very helpful. I am thankful to Chrome IAS for the same.

Amit Chandra Sunal

AIR – 341 (CSE – 2017)

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The faculty of the Chrome IAS Academy is composed of experienced academicians, competent educators, dedicated scholars and distinguished ex-members of Indian Civil Service. In fact the guiding philosophy of the inception of the Academy has been to provide a fraternal atmosphere in which the students are groomed by a committed, enthusiastic and gifted core faculties. We treat each of our members as an individual personality and not just an aspirant.

We approach our task with an aim to set the students free from the inflexibility of highly ritualized, tedious and indifferent teaching that they have so far experienced in universities and other academic institutions, where there is a lot of teaching but very little learning. Chrome IAS Academy strives to remove this gap by promoting real learning i.e. learning about how to learn first. Our effort is not only to give students the road-map to effective learning but also to reassure them with a nurturing and motivating company during their journey on the road to success.

Furthermore, we envisage to create an institution committed to making young minds proficient enough to explore new and unchartered avenues with strong conviction and care. Our endeavor at Chrome IAS Academy is to be recognized for excellence in nurturing well-informed, effective and socially responsible individuals who, by touching the very grass root democracy, can become engines of growth and be an asset to our country. We envision to assist in nation building as responsible stakeholders and be content for everyone whose lives may someday be touched by those who have come to us for their education and training. Chrome IAS Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality guidance possible to our students and be a constant source of motivation to them.

In pursuing this Mission, we strive to:

Offer a dynamic, interactive education environment that engages students in the learning process.

Provide constructive feedback to promote student self- assessment and motivation.

Provide clear learning outcomes, detailed instruction, and assessment for all courses to ensure course mastery and student success.

Use technology to create effective modes and means of instruction that expand access to learning.


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