Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi


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M/S Vajiram & Ravi, India’s well-known Institute preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination

How does Vajiram & Ravi help me in preparing for the Examination?

Ideally the Main Examination preparation needs to be done before the preparation of Preliminary Examination.

Ideally the Optional Subject preparation has to be done before the preparation of Preliminary Examination. The primary reason being lack of time between Preliminary Exam and Main Exam (which is around 4 months before Main exam and only around 2 and half months before declaration of Preliminary Examination result). The time of (4 months or 2 and half months) is insufficient for any preparation from ground-up for both the GS as well as Optional subject. The available time is only sufficient for revision of GS and Optional subject and appearing in mock tests in GS and the Optional subject.

Students are advised to prepare General Studies (Preliminary+ Main) simultaneously and choose to study either CSAT or Optional Subject simultaneously along with their 9 month course in General Studies. For example, through the 9 month course in G.S, a student can join an Optional Subject initially for 4 months and then upon completion of optional subject, prepare for CSAT or vice versa.